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Four Things That All Great Emails Have In Common

Four Things That All Great Emails Have In Common

We all need a bit of inspiration from time to time to help keep our communications lively, engaging and relevant. The marketplace is a moving target, and it helps to stay sharp if we want to keep our ability to successfully reach our target audience strong. But beyond the latest and greatest marketing innovations, strategies and trends, there are four things that every great email has always (and will always) contain. These four tried and true components will consistently help you engage your subscribers and convert prospects.

1. The best emails educate and help

Every great email informs its subscribers and offers a solution to their problems, and the education should begin as early as the subject line. Use a strong, attention-getting subject line that does the job of telling your readers what they can expect to glean from your message. Your email should also offer up a bit of information that leaves your readers better than you found them. Give them gems they can use that help them better their businesses, their finances and their lives.

2. The best emails are personalized

Using your subscribers’ first names in your message is truly effective means of establishing a connection with them. Personalization can also go beyond the opening greeting. Targeted messaging speaks directly to the needs of your subscribers. You may also want to ask your subscribers what type of information they would like to receive from you. Use surveys or opt-in forms with custom fields to help you tailor your communications to reach your subsets based on their preferences.

3. The best emails offer connections

In order to be CAN-SPAM Act compliant, you always give your subscribers the option to unsubscribe, and you must provide basic contact information in your messages (the physical address and phone number of your business). But beyond the basic “must-haves,” great emails also contain ways for subscribers to connect with your social media sites, call you, and even email you directly. Provide an email address that connects interested parties with an actual person who can assist them. Your message should offer multiple ways for subscribers to connect with your various communication channels and get in touch with your business.

4. The best emails offer a next step

There is a purpose that drives the best emails: conversion. Great messages call their audiences to action and elicit a response. Urge your readers to take that next step once they receive your message. Conversion tactics are as simple as offering options for readers to learn or access more from your message: event registration forms, whitepaper downloads, report downloads, blog links, custom landing page links, links to your website, and so on. “Next steps” in an email campaign are trackable and allow you to gather information from your systems metrics and reporting tools to track warm leads and measure campaign ROI.

Great emails offer a win-win scenario. You give your subscribers information they didn’t have before they received your message, and in return, you gain client loyalty, warm prospects and top of mind awareness. Incorporate these four tried and true components into every message you send in order to get the most out of your email marketing and communications.

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