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As a leading expert in the area of professional services marketing, it is our pleasure to offer you free resources to help you generate top of mind awareness, improve your strategies, enhance your marketing return on investment and grow your business. The following free marketing whitepapers, webinars and videos are available to you at no cost. Simply complete our download forms and you’ll have immediate access to the free resource you seek. Excerpts for each whitepaper are available through the links provided. If you have any questions, would like us to host a webinar on a particular topic for you, or if we may be of assistance in promoting and growing your firm, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 866.240.8477.



Cultivate Relationships With Prospects via Email

Cultivate Relationships With Prospects via EmailInstantly establish and maintain rapport with your prospects, using only email as your method of communication. We’ll show you how in Nurture Prospects With Email.

Give Your Email Marketing a Workout

Give Your e-Marketing a Workout free whitepaperPersonal marketing trainer Boot Camp Bobby guides you through a workout strategy to whip your email marketing into shape. Learn how to Give Your e-Marketing a Workout.

Beyond Social -
Get Personal

Beyond Social - Get Personal Free WhitepaperLearn how social media and email marketing can work together to help you build relationships by reading our Beyond Social – Get Personal, Using Human Interest Content in Email & Social Media whitepaper.

Three Keys to Building Your Email List

Three Keys to Building Your Email List Free Whitepaper
With over 25 concrete examples in three key categories, learn how to quickly and easily grow your email list using three strategies by reading The Three Keys to Building Your Email List whitepaper.


Cruising Through
Email Marketing

Cruising Through E-Marketing
Our lighthouse guides the way on your e-marketing voyage with the 12 important checkpoints you should visit. Read more about Cruising Through e-Marketing.

Transform Your

Transform Your Marketing Free Whitepaper
Learn how to combine outbound and inbound marketing strategies to maximize your return on investment by reading Transform Your Marketing: Outbound & Inbound Strategies.

Play Doctor With Reporting & Metrics

Play Doctor With Metrics and Reporting Free WhitepaperDiscover which metrics are essential for a positive marketing prognosis and Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) by reading our Play Doctor With Reporting & Metrics For Healthy Business Growth whitepaper.

Building Top of Mind Awareness

Building Top of Mind Awareness Free Whitepaper
Learn the five keys to helping all of your contacts (clients, prospects and referral sources) remember you and referring you by reading Building Top of Mind Awareness.

Segmentation and Targeted Marketing

Segmentation and Targeted Marketing Free WhitepaperLearn the importance of list segmentation and target marketing by downloading Segmentation & Targeted Marketing: Directing Communication to Meet Real Needs.

Email Aesthetics: Deliver Great Content With Style

Email Aesthetics: Deliver Content With Style Free WhitepaperDiscover how to build your email wardrobe with layouts, establish and reveal a style with consistency and choose your email accessories carefully by downloading Email Aesthetics: Deliver Quality Content With Impeccable Style.

Read Me: Eliciting Responsive Readership

Read Me! Eliciting Responsive Readership Free Whitepaper
Learn content strategies, elements of a successful message, using content to build relationship capital, and putting your strategy into action by downloading Read Me! Eliciting Responsive Readership.

Maximizing Your Online Content

Maximizing Your Online Content
Discover seven tips on how to get maximum use of your online content to generate new streams of opportunity for your business: Maximizing Your Online Content.