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Winking in the Dark

Winking in the Dark Marketing VideoVideo summary: There are strategic advantages to marketing in a down economy. CPAs, financial services firms, payroll companies and other professional services firms can all benefit and increase their presence as a leader in their industry by communicating valuable information to their clients, prospects and referral sources during a recession.

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Believe It Or Not, You Are In Sales

You Are In Sales Marketing VideoVideo summary: Every boss in the world will confirm what you’re about to hear: everyone that works for your firm is in sales, whether they know it, believe it, or not. Few people working in professional services aspire to being known as a sales person, even though sales is critical to their success. The truth is, building strong relationships is the best sales tool.

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Using Video: Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights Camera Action Marketing VideoVideo summary: Use video to enhance your brand. Incorporating video into your marketing can be easier than you think. BizActions has introduced BizCam and Video-In-A-Box to make it easy for professional service firms, such as CPAs, attorneys, payroll service bureaus, employee benefits and human resources firms, banks, credit unions and a host of other business-to-business enterprises to reach out to their clients, prospects, and referral sources with content that is engaging, concise and interesting.

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Debilitate Your Marketing (or Don’t!)

Debilitate Your Marketing VideoVideo summary: Marketing missteps: the goal is to avoid them, but with so many pitfalls and stumbling blocks along the way, it’s easy to accidentally hamper your marketing efforts. Drawing from some famous examples of marketing success stories and failures, this video reviews five hand-picked blunders that are guaranteed to debilitate your marketing.

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Yes, Creativity Can Solve Anything!

Creativity Can Solve Anything Marketing VideoVideo summary: This short marketing and advertising presentation highlights a number of the points detailed in the movie Art & Copy. Whether you agree that creativity can solve anything or not, learn how putting “creatives” in charge of your firm’s image can make your brand extraordinarily memorable or disastrously forgettable.

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Building Top of Mind Awareness

Building Top of Mind Awareness Marketing VideoVideo summary: Reggie Jackson once said, “A baseball swing is a very finely tuned instrument. It is repetition, and more repetition, then a little more after that.” The first key to building top of mind awareness is to swing away and keep on swinging. Repetition is the key to maintaining excellence and marketing can be a series of swings and misses. Thomas Smith’s 1885 guide, “Successful Advertising,” discusses the number of repeat touches needed for a sale and his methodology remains relevant today.

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