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BizActions provides Payroll Service Bureaus the easiest method of newsletter creation and delivery with ready-stocked content, designed specifically for their market. Although you can customize your e-newsletter with your own content as well as articles from our extensive library, we have developed a huge inventory of regularly updated articles that are ideally suited for Payroll Service Bureaus and will help you build relationship capital with your prospects and clients.

Our proprietary Payroll Content includes up-to-date information in all areas of payroll, including wages, taxes, reporting, compliance and other related issues. Clients receive tips that are beneficial to any business maintaining a payroll, including the advantages of outsourcing. By sending these articles, your firm can showcase its expertise in the payroll area as well as provide valuable information on human resource issues.

Below is a sample article from each of the Payroll Content categories. Each article in the newsletter begins with a brief summary. Recipients click on the "Full Article" link to read the article in its entirety. This click activity (along with click activity of any of your own custom articles) is captured in various reports you can access. This gives you insight into the readers' interest in a particular topic and allows you to proactively assess and act on that interest.

Click "Link to Full Article" in any sample article below if you would like to read more. No data will be captured from your click activity on these example articles.

BizActions Payroll Channel Article Samples

Payroll Issues:

Who Pays When Employees Fulfill Civic Duties?
Many of us have civic responsibilities that include jury duty, voting and military service. Society depends on its citizens to give up some time to fulfill these obligations. But does that mean your company has to foot the bill by paying staff while they fulfill their civic duties? Find out by reading the "Full Article."
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Payroll Questions Keep on Coming
Whether you outsource your payroll or handle it in-house, a variety of situations may crop up over time that send you in search of answers. Here are five examples... and what the law says in response.
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Check the Benefits of Payroll Cards
Payroll cards are becoming increasingly popular. By loading employees' salaries onto plastic cards, you eliminate a lot of problems for people without bank accounts and save your business time and money. Read the "Full Article" to learn the benefits of this payroll system and a checklist of issues to review before signing up for a service.
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Risk/Trouble Reduction:

How Religion Can Be a Battlefield at Work
Religious beliefs are at the root of conflicts and violence throughout the world. Unfortunately, religious beliefs also can be at the root of conflicts - and lawsuits - in the workplace. What are some of the ways religious expression and religious practice can create headaches for supervisors and employers? And what can they do about it? Click "Full Article."
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Break Chronic Anxiety at Work
At the root of many workplace tensions and productivity problems is a crippling handicap. It's called "chronic systemic anxiety." For guidance on how to manage anxiety in a workplace, click "Full Article."
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HR Best Practices:

Legal Cautions on Absenteeism
When an employee is absent too often, an employer may be tempted to solve the problem by terminating the individual. But in some cases, this could be dangerous. There are situations in which it is illegal to fire an employee for absenteeism. Click "Full Article" to find out more.
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Investigating Applicants Is Not a Luxury
Making hiring decisions without doing background checks on finalists is like hiring new people "sight unseen." Hiring new people without investigating their work history and background can be dangerous, costly -- and a waste of time. Check out the importance of background screening. Click "Full Article."
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HR Answers:

An Obnoxious Employee: What To Do?
Some workplace leaders seem to freeze with a fear of confrontation when faced with a "problem employee." Even when the employee is disrupting the workplace. A business owner describes three years of insubordination from one employee, then asks: "What can I do?" For an answer, click "Full Article."
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Complaint About Perfume Needs an Answer
Strong perfume worn at work gives rise to a complaint. This is a fairly common challenge for management in many workplaces. What can an employer do, especially when the complaining employee says the offensive odor is causing a health problem? For some answers, click "Full Article."
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Cost-Cutting Actions:

Cut the Risks of Malingering Employees
An employee who fakes sickness or injury, or exaggerates a genuine medical problem, can cost your business untold dollars in bogus Workers Compensation claims and lawsuits. What is causing an increase in the risk of these "malingering" employees? What can an employer do about it? Click "Full Article."
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Smart Move: Recruit From Within
Going outside your organization to recruit the best people isn't always the best option. Sometimes it's smarter to look within, to re-recruit your own employees. What exactly does this mean? For the answer and five ways to recruit within your team, click "Full Article."
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Motivation & Rewards:

Employee of the Month: Good Idea?
Employee of the Month programs are one way some employers choose to recognize, reward and motivate their employees. How is such a program set up? And are there any negatives associated with this type of recognition? For the answers, click "Full Article."
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Team's Approach Retains Employees
A home and commercial repair business was challenged to retain good employees. The answer? The company came up with strategies to keep its employees satisfied, happy and challenged. For examples of how to keep top-notch staff members, click "Full Article."
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Employee Ideas & Involvement:

A Suggestion Box Has Limitations
For more than 100 years in the United States, the suggestion box has traditionally been the way employers ask for input since at least 1880. When employers want to start a program that asks for input, they often purchase suggestion boxes and slap them up on walls in places where employees gather. But are there drawbacks to suggestion boxes and better approaches for soliciting ideas? Take a look by clicking "Full Article."
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Top Mistakes That Kill Employee Involvement
It's easy to ask employees to get involved and share their ideas. It's also easy to make mistakes that doom the possibility of success in getting employees to contribute their suggestions and become involved in implementing them. Here are seven top mistakes that assure low levels of involvement in programs intended to harvest employees' ideas.
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HR Toolkit:

Form Makes Exit Interviews Easier, Better
Doing exit interviews with departing employees is important for several reasons. Employers and supervisors often skip them because they view exit interviews as an uncomfortable task. You can make the task easier and get better results by using a well-designed Exit Interview Form. For some samples, and suggested questions for your form, click "Full Article."
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Make Safety Part of the Daily Routine
Maintaining a safe workplace doesn't happen overnight. To do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents and injuries requires commitment, vigilance, a well-thought-out plan, and getting everyone to comply with the plan. Review eight features needed in a successful safety program by clicking "Full Article."
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Handbook Issues:

Danger: Searching Employee Property
Let's say an employer suspects an employee is selling illegal drugs while at work. Or an employer suspects several employees are stealing merchandise. So the employers trigger a search, which triggers an employee lawsuit. To do workplace searches correctly, first adopt a policy and inform employees. For two sample policies, click "Full Article."
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Prevent Electronic Equipment Use Risks
Employee use of computers and other communication devices can open your business or organization to all kinds of risks. You can limit the risks with strict, clear policies communicated to employees. For sample policies, click "Full Article."
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Keep in mind, however, that the Payroll Content categories are merely suggestions. You have full access to our entire content library, which includes articles in such topic areas as:

Plus, BizActions' editorial staff produces original articles each week (called Timely Opportunities), which cover the most up-to-date information on important business and personal subjects and issues. These standard, but optional, feature articles are frequently the most highly read articles in our email newsletter platform.

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