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Keep it Short

Keep it Short

Do I have your attention?

The majority of blog visitors will spend mere seconds reading an article and then move on to other tasks. We all know how precious time is and how many distractions are competing for our attention, our time and our resources. Yet we are all seeking to share ideas, deliver thought leadership and make an impact with our own unique, valuable perspectives.

Be mindful of time

Get out there and bring your ideas and solutions to the table, but keep your time-strapped reader in mind. When you sit down to craft your next blog post or email newsletter article, be quick to entice your readers and give them solid reasons to continue reading. A blog post or an effective newsletter article should be clear, concise, impactful and easy to read. Your professional perspective is a sought-after commodity, but it will depreciate as your article increases in duration. Make sure you convey your point in layman’s terms, and avoid overwhelming your readers with technical jargon. Still have more to say? Great! Say it in your next post.

Get personal

Even though you are crafting professional communications, there is no reason why your personal touch should not be a part of every message. Go ahead and put your fingerprint on it. Blog posts and articles should convey the personality of the writer. When you showcase the “true you,” you allow casual readers to become dedicated fans. Your readers will eventually get to know your writing style and be able to easily identify your articles. This approach generates an online dialogue that, over time, naturally segues toward in-person opportunities.

Yes, you can write

Many of us don’t believe we have the time, capacity or talent to write. The truth is that you have been able to write since elementary school. If you can read this post, then you can write your own. We get it – you’re not a novelist – but the good news is that your readers aren’t looking for Tolstoy’s War and Peace. They just want 500 words from you every once in a while. Take a few minutes and get what’s in your head into an article.

If you’re out of ideas, just ask

Blog posts and email newsletters are a great way to convey your business communications, but what happens when the pen runs dry? You might be out of ideas, but I bet your readers sure have plenty. Conduct a simple reader survey and find out what your clients, prospects and referral sources are interested in learning more about. What is plain and obvious to you is often not so plain and obvious to your contacts. That is why your services, and your viewpoints, are so valuable. Put yourself out there and find out what your readers want to hear. They will happily let you know about the topics and information they would like to see covered in your next piece.

Short works for both of us

Keeping your articles short also frees up your own time. Brevity is just as good for your readers as it is for your own busy schedule. This blog post contained exactly 534 words. It worked for me. Did it work for you?

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