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BizActions Email Newsletter software is most valuable tool in our suite of Business Development, Communications and e-Marketing tools!

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BizActions removes the largest hurdle to the deployment of an email newsletter - the time associated with developing useful and interesting content, issue-after-issue. Even more amazing is that a BizActions Email Newsletter costs about 1/16th the amount of a traditional print-based newsletter.
  • Choose from professionally-written, industry-specific, original email newsletter content in over 50 standard and 50 niche categories.
  • Up-to-date, weekly articles position your firm as a valuable resource for the latest developments.
  • Free catalog of 1,000's of Email Newsletter Banners and Headline Announcements.
  • Useful click-activity reports help you discover a client's real "needs" and the most fertile sales opportunities.
  • Import click-activity into Excel or your and Customer Relationship Management system or use our special tools to analyze and prepare reports on the click activity and open rates of your email newsletter.
  • Works through your Internet browser. No software to install. Support person assigned to your account to provide administrative assistance.
Can business newsletters be effective without being time intensive to create?
Absolutely ... but ... ONLY if your Email Newsletter contains these critical elements:
By the way BizActions does.
  • Content that is relevant to your audience.
  • Content that is current or timely.
  • Content that has been professionally written by experts in the topic.
  • Your email newsletter allows you to brand your name, logo, address, telephone, web site, and email addresses.
  • Your branded email newsletter allows you to easily and freely customize the content as and when necessary.
  • The email newsletter allows Master Accounts, so satellite offices, franchises and distributor relationships can all benefit equally, while the Master Account maintains uniform image and product information control.
A BizActions Email Newsletter DOES NOT require
extensive amounts of your time to implement or maintain.

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"BizActions has been valuable in developing a process for cross-selling and lead generation.

  • As a Business development tool, we utilize the readership intelligence data to follow up on 'warm' prospects (regular readers) and tailor conversations to their needs.
  • From a service standpoint, we are assigned representatives for 24-hour technical/strategy support. Customer Service Reps are not just reactive, but proactive, strategic partners that work to increase readership and provide valuable ideas.
  • And, the email append service has been a valuable service to garner email addresses for our prospect database.
BizActions has been a great addition to our marketing and business development program."

Marc Busny, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Tofias PC