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At the core of every product offered by BizActions is integration with our email newsletter software. Whether you are creating small business newsletters or publishing a targeted CPA newsletter or Payroll newsletter to a vertical market comprised of a thousand corporations, our suite of products will help you succeed.

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Products & Services

BizPro Email Newsletters
Email newsletters are the heart of BizActions system that is used by more than 500 professional service firms throughout North America to deliver over 1.8 million newsletters each month. A BizPro subscription includes detailed usage reports, an easy to use interface, a dedicated customer support rep and all the original content required to send up to 52 email newsletters a year. Learn more about email newsletters.

Master Accounts
BizActions has developed the perfect solution to combining control and independence for business-focused marketing relationships. Unlike standard platforms for email newsletters, ONLY a Master Account platform like BizActions allows the addition of Sub Accounts. Now your email newsletters can contain information that requires corporate oversight along with branding and information specific to the independent office. Learn more about targeted marketing with email newsletters.

BizActions Dashboard
Installed on your desktop and branded to your firm, Dashboard works in conjunction with Alerts to manage all the content in your email newsletters and access reporting information in real-time from one convenient area. The Dashboard also allows your recipients to access their email newsletters from their desktops. This amazing tool will change the way you look at communicating with your clients. Learn more about email newsletters as marketing tools for small business.

Email Radar
Email Radar is BizActions electronic communications tool that allows you to send single emails to specifically targeted groups in your email newsletters database. This marketing product is used to deliver over 500,000 targeted messages each month by BizActions clients to groups based on special criteria that they select. Learn more about Business to Business email marketing by combining Email Radar with your email newsletters.

Short online videos are quickly becoming the preferred medium for news and information and BizActions makes it easy for you to create and embed video in your newsletter with BizCam. Expand your reach and increase your influence with email newsletter videos by using your webcam and BizActions email newsletters.

Drip Campaigns
Repetition is a powerful marketing tool for attracting new business and influencing proposed business - and a BizActions Email Drip Campaign utilizing Email Radar is the most effective means to that end. Learn how to boost your marketing's effectiveness by creating your own drip campaign or by using a professionally created Drip Campaign from BizActions library.

Online Tax Guide
BizActions Online Tax Guide answers your client's tax questions and provides you with a standard or branded Web site solution ... filled with current, accurate information about the latest tax laws, regulation changes and IRS guidance. It provides strategies to help clients keep more of their hard-earned money in today's tough economy. Plus, our Tax Guide is defined by country, so the questions and answers are unique to the United States or Canada, depending on your firms needs. Link to it on your Web site or in your email newsletters. Learn more about incorporating an Online Tax Guide.

Compliance Center
Announcing BizActions Compliance Center - the easiest way to acquire Consent to Disclose or Consent to Use authorizations and protect yourself in the process - AND - the quickest way to get authorizations for virtually anything else and maintain a record of it. Easy access through BizActions Email Newsletters platform for quick distribution & response.

Timely Opportunities Widget
Drive more traffic to your Web site! Get the BizActions Widget with topical and relevant, original business content articles produced by BizActions editorial staff each week to cover the most up-to-date information on important business related subjects and issues for our client's email newsletters. A standard feature in our email newsletters, Timely Opportunities are the most highly read articles in our email newsletter platform. Now you can use the Timely Opportunities Widget to put that valuable content on your own Web site.

BizSurvey Survey Tool
Online feedback surveys are the easiest and most cost-effective way to acquire the detailed information you need. The BizSurvey tool is fully integrated within the BizActions newsletter platform to automate the survey process - allowing you to create your own custom surveys, deploy them and gather the results you need quickly and easily. Learn more about BizSurvey, our online survey tool.

Event Registration
Event Registration provides you with the necessary tools to create, promote, manage and track upcoming events. Rather than manually entering hundreds or thousands of contact information data into your computer each year, why not let your clients do the data entry for you? Event Registration tools allow you to customize data input forms to include virtually any information you need to host a multiple events successfully - be it an online training Webinars or a special onsite promotion event and generates the code to embed the forms on your own Web site. Learn more about this tool to manage your seminars, webinars and more.

Mobile Application
Our Mobile App makes it easy to manage your BizActions email newsletter account. There is NOTHING to download! Just use your cell phone's browser and go to:

CRM Integration
"BizActions Connectors" integrates it's email newsletter system with Customer Relationship Management systems. Track key data, such as reader interest in a newsletter article from within leading CRM software packages. See current supported CRM systems.

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We started using BizActions about a year ago and are very happy with it.

  • The system is great and the support is even better!
  • We now do six "versions" - a generic and five for niches.

Marsha T. Oliver, CPA, V.P. of Marketing - Mize, Houser & Company, P.A.