How to Prevent a Struggling Business from Crumbling

Crumbs Bake Shop closed its doors in July after being delisted from the NASDAQ. Bankruptcy is a likely next step. But, has the bakery really sold its last cupcake? This article speculates about what made the cupcake giant crumble -- and reviews lessons learned from other successful turnaround efforts.

What to Consider Before Jumping on the Hiring Bandwagon

Unemployment has finally fallen to pre-recession levels. About 288,000 new jobs were created in June. But cynics challenge these hopeful statistics. Some states have fared better than others following the recession. This article reveals which labor markets are the hottest (and coldest) -- as well as how to hire new employees with confidence.

How to Get the Best of Health FSA Carryovers and HSA Contributions

To carryover or not to carryover? That is the question many taxpayers face when they don't use up their health FSA funds but want to switch to an HSA. Carryovers of unused health FSA balances generally prohibit taxpayers from contributing to HSAs for the same tax year, according to recent IRS guidance. HSA-compatible health FSAs offer an exception -- if you make a timely election. Read on to find out how.

IRS Shores Up Its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

The IRS recently announced immediate changes in its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, which is designed to encourage more taxpayers with undisclosed foreign financial accounts to come forward and pay taxes due. The changes ease taxpayer burdens, expand streamlined procedures for the program -- and hike the penalty to almost double what it was before for certain people who owe the government. This article explains.

Summer Travel: Spotlight on Rising Gas Prices

AAA expects millions of Americans to hit the roads this summer. But no one could predict that June gas prices would rise to the highest levels in three years. Roadtrips won't necessarily be cheap this summer, but efficient driving and advanced planning can help you keep costs down. This article reveals in which states you will pay the most for gas -- and which rental cars offer the highest gas mileage.

Tax Court Cautionary Tale: Classifying Workers as Contractors

Businesses often prefer to treat workers as independent contractors to lower their costs and administrative burdens. But the IRS may challenge an employer's classification. Here's a look at seven factors the Tax Court considers when deciding whether to classify workers as employees or independent contractors -- and how they were applied to a home health care manager in a recent case.

Managing the High Cost of Higher Education

Many parents aren't saving enough to pay for their children's college expenses. Student loans, grandparents, financial aid, scholarships and grants help make up the difference. This article reveals the average cost of a four-year degree, as well as details on popular college savings programs and what the government is doing to make higher education more affordable.

Summer Travel: Tips for Saving Money and Possibly Taxes

Summer 2014 is forecast to be the strongest travel season since 2000. Some travelers are planning to combine business and leisure trips. This article reveals what the most popular vacation destination is, possible tax breaks for business travel mixed with pleasure -- and why it's a good idea to require your employees to take time off.


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