Self-Insuring Health Benefits: ACA Changes the Equation

With the delayed mandate of the Affordable Care Act kicking in for many employers next year, interest in self-insurance is heating up. This is true not only for companies that are subject to the mandate in 2015, but also for some smaller employers that have until 2016, and some very small employers that escaped the "shared responsibility" provisions. It might be time to take another look at what's involved.

Longevity Annuity Now an Option for Your 401(k)

An annuity can be a great investment in the future for individuals who have money they won't need to tap into for a while, such as from the sale of a home or an inheritance. Now, the IRS has finalized rules that might encourage 401(k) plan sponsors to allow employees to buy a "qualified longevity annuity contract" as part of their plans. Should you consider amending your 401(k) plan to make that possible?

HSAs Growing; Significant Tax Benefits Available to Top Earners

Health savings accounts have now been in existence for a decade. The pace of HSA formation has been picking up for a variety of reasons, including the potential savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars associated with the three-part tax benefits of HSAs. With all of the Affordable Care Act-related changes in health plans in the works at many organizations, this may be good time to take a fresh look at HSAs.

Working Virtually: The New Frontier in ADA Accommodation?

What does it mean to provide "reasonable accommodations" to temporarily or permanently disabled employees so they can do their jobs, without causing "undue burdens" on employers? (This type of accommodation is required by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.) The answer is not static, but evolving. Here's the latest information and some guidelines to consider when an employee asks for a telecommuting arrangement.

Supreme Court Weighs in on ESOPs

In late June, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling that limits certain legal protections affecting Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). This action, combined with a crackdown by the Department of Labor, makes it clear the management of many ESOPs will need to be tightened. Here's a quick review of the current legal landscape, which may help you assess how your own company's ESOP is being handled.

Pregnancy Discrimination is Alive and Well in the American Workplace

Today's workforce includes a growing number of women, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. And where there are women, there may be maternity issues. A federal law specifically prohibits discrimination against pregnant women. Yet long after the passage of this law, the EEOC continues to handle a steady stream of complaints alleging discrimination. Take a look at three recent cases and some guidelines that may help businesses stay out of legal trouble.


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