Home Care Workers: Delayed Enforcement of Wage, Overtime Rules

Home care workers and their employers will be subject to new rules involving minimum wage and overtime beginning on January 1, 2015. However, the Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division recently announced that it will delay enforcement of the rules for six months. This article explains the delay affecting certified nursing assistants, home health aides, caregivers, companions and others.

Reference Pricing May Be a Money Saver for Your Health Plan

The "defined contribution" model for health plans has gotten a lot of attention over the past couple of years. The idea is simple: Just contribute a fixed sum to employees' health care and let them pick up the tab for the rest. If you self-insure your health plan and consider the defined contribution approach too extreme, there's a middle ground. It's called reference pricing. Here's how it works.

Get Ready for Upcoming Affordable Care Act Compliance Deadlines

Now that we are in the last quarter of 2014, one deadline related to the Affordable Care Act is upon us. Other requirements may follow in 2015 and 2016, depending on the number of employees at your organization and the nature of your plan. Keep reading to learn some of the highlights of impending compliance obligations most health plan sponsors are facing, including fees and penalties.

Helping Temporarily Disabled Employees Return to Work

Employees who are temporarily unable to work can often remain semi-productive during their recuperation periods. "Light duty" programs involving reduced hours and modified duties can accelerate an employee's rehabilitation, and make it less likely that a temporary incapacity will turn into a long-term or permanent situation. However, federal labor law dictates how you can go about structuring such a program. Here's an overview.

Another Look at Domestic Violence in the Workplace

If you watch the national news, you know that domestic violence has been splashed across the headlines recently, involving some big-name celebrities. On the subject of domestic abuse, it may be natural for employers to focus on supporting their employees who become victims of this violence. But what if you suspect your employee may be the abuser? It's a delicate issue, but one you should not ignore. Keep reading for more information.

Extending Your Benefits Program with Voluntary Offerings

As an employer, you have something that costs you nothing, but might be of great value to your employees: bulk purchasing power. That's the fundamental driver of voluntary benefits, one that you can harness to effectively increase employee compensation at no incremental cost. The trick is to make it meaningful and maximize employee participation. Here's how you can accomplish this.

Telemedicine Explosion Coming to a Health Plan Near You

Telemedicine is not new. It dates back to the 1970s. Its popularity, however, is accelerating as employers grapple with ever-rising health care costs, and access to broadband Internet service spreads. Another driver of the explosion of telemedicine services is a looming shortage of primary care physicians, who provide the kind of care that mass market telemedicine offers. Here's a closer look.


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