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Keep Clients Engaged With Video

Your clients have access to a limitless stream of information on the internet every day. What will compel them to read your e-newsletter or visit your website on a regular basis? How can you keep them interested in your messages? How can you ensure that your content shines through the information haze? Video is the solution.

The growing interest in video has important implications for professional service firms that embrace email marketing. Results indicate that “good” or “excellent” results from your firm’s email newsletter can be boosted to “outstanding” with the addition of relevant video content. Videos that supplement informative articles engage visitors in a more meaningful way. Adding video to your BizActions e-newsletter and/or your website will give your firm the cutting edge, compelling content that will engage your clients and prospects the minute it is delivered to the inbox. A recent report by Forrester revealed that incorporating video into your B2B email campaigns, email newsletters and your website can double or even triple click rates. Why?

The visual stimulation and entertainment factor draws them in. Video is easier for people to digest and comprehend. It’s more efficient, too. They can view the two-minute, compelling and informative videos online while organizing files and paperwork at their desks or on their smart phones between meetings. Clients love the freedom and portability that videos offer. With tablets, smart phones and other wireless communication devices, contacts can forward your videos on to friends with just a click or two while having a morning latte at the local coffee shop, commuting to work on a WiFi-enabled train or in the car pool.

Add Video to Your Email Newsletter


Click here to view a sample Video Insight newsletter landing page

Our Video Insight – Newsletter Edition incorporate a relevant, but not identical, written article to accompany the video. Your recipients actually get two quality pieces of content in one! The videos play on the landing page and are not embedded into the newsletters themselves, but are indicated by consistent graphics that encourage the reader to click to watch the video. The article follows the video on the landing page, so whichever your contacts’ preferences are (video or text), there is an option that will satisfy them.

Raise your firm’s awareness in channels you may never have reached with the integrated ‘Share This’ feature built into your newsletter – your clients and prospects may be compelled to share your videos on their social sites, complete with your firm’s branding, and reach contacts well outside of your reach.

Add Our Video Insight Widget to Your Website

We also offer a video widget for your website that, once installed, is updated automatically with the current Video Insight as well as the most recent 3-5 videos (depending on the size of the widget).

Relevant Video Topics

Each video in our Video Insight series is relevant to businesses in any industry and/or high net worth individuals. Video Insights topics typically fall into one of the following categories: Personal Tax, Estate Planning, Business Tax, Business Legal, or Business Strategies. Additional categories are added as needed. Ask us to show you how the Video Insights website widget or Online Video Library works.

We also have a specific package of Estate Planning Videos, available separately from our Video Insights program. Ask us to show you our Estate Planning Videos.



We’re delighted with the way e-newsletters from BizActions accomplish our goals of frequent ‘touches’, relevant information, content variety, and a great-looking product. Plus, the convenience of having it all accomplished with relatively little effort on our part is priceless!” – Marsha Oliver, VP of Marketing — Mize, Houser & Company, P.A., BKR International Member