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Federal estate and gift tax rules are constantly in a state of flux. BizActions Estate Planning Guide will keep you current with the latest estate and gift tax rules.

Establishing yourself as a thought leader in the area of estate planning can often be easier said than done. Articles and blog posts on your website quickly become out of date as tax laws sunset, change and become passed. It can not only be a frustrating, time-consuming process to ensure that your website materials are current, but also challenging to write concise, easily-understood descriptions of estate planning legislation and related strategies to preserve wealth and protect assets.

Worry no longer! With our Online Estate Planning Guide, we do the hard part for you. Our estate planning guide is maintained by BizActions and updated automatically whenever a tax law* affects estate planning issues. By putting a link to the Estate Planning Guide on your website, you can rest assured that you always have the most up-to-date estate planning information available for clients and prospects.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor

Inform your clients and prospects about the importance, benefits and process of estate planning in a way that encourages them to contact you for more information or assistance.

As our estate planning guide sample shows, our Online Estate Planning Guide features:

  • BizActions Online Estate Planning Guide Special Situations Sample PageA fully customizable color scheme, personalized masthead, and the ability to add an introduction about your firm’s relevant practice areas on every page
  • A customizable call to action to help generate leads for new or additional business
  • Clear, user-friendly navigation to each section of the Guide, including the home page FAQ, estate planning Building Blocks, Life Insurance, Federal Exemptions and Trust Myths
  • Back-links to your firm’s primary website built right in
  • A newsletter subscription form that seamlessly adds new members to your BizActions newsletter database
  • The ability to add a custom footer to the site describing more about your firm and its practice areas, your office locations, or a special message from the Managing Partner or Partner in charge of your Estate Planning practice
  • Engaging, professionally-written content designed to be used by accountants, attorneys, banks, credit unions and other professional services firms in order to build lasting business relationships with business owners, high net worth individuals, families with children, senior citizens and retirees, and your network of clients, prospects and referral sources

*The Online Estate Planning Guide is based on laws, regulations, strategies and deadlines in the United States. This product is not available in Canada or Australia.

Just like our Online Tax Guide, the BizActions Online Estate Planning Guide is highly customizable, from branding and color scheme to switching content on or off and adding custom introductions and images. In addition, each Estate Planning Guide comes with back links to your website built right in, as well as a customizable Call To Action section for lead generation. Click here to view a sample from each page of our Online Estate Planning Guide (note that these will all appear as images). 



Damien Bosco, Founding Partner, Bosco Law FirmThe BizActions newsletter has been helpful to our firm throughout the years. Not only does it allow us to provide a great value to our clients, referral sources, prospects and friends through the articles, but it also reminds them that we are available to help them with their legal issues when they arise. Many times one of our BizActions connections will contact me just to say hello after a newsletter is emailed, or they will call with a legal question. Sometimes, I will receive calls from someone who has been receiving the BizActions e-newsletter for a few years, and it would be the first time they contacted us. BizActions allows our firm to keep in contact with those we meet and provides a reminder of who we are.” - Damien Bosco, Esq., Founding Partner, Bosco Law Firm, LLC


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