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Metrics Dashboard

Metrics Dashboard

Change The Way You Retrieve Essential Data and Reports

The BizActions Metrics Dashboard gives you essential, real-time data and vital reporting statistics right on your computer’s desktop and enables you to act upon the information immediately, with one-click access to your account. How does our award-winning Dashboard make you more productive? It gives you the ability to boost your lead generation efforts by making the most of  your time, streamlining your data, and providing access to all those who need to review activity for business development purposes. Built on the Adobe Air platform, our user-friendly Dashboard tracks multiple accounts within a single application so account administrators have access to both the Master Account as well as any Points of Contact (POC) accounts. POCs have Dashboards that show them their own metrics, based on their contacts’ and account’s activities.

What is the BizActions Metrics Dashboard?

Our Metrics Dashboard is a desktop application that provides you with a real-time summary of your reports, from the number of members in your database to click activity on your newsletters, to reminders and alerts, and more. It is optional (and included with a BizActions newsletter subscription at no charge), but highly effective for business development and lead generation purposes.

The Dashboard provides you with one-click access to your account to see more detail, respond to an alert, update a reminder, add or modify a member, or work on your content for the next launch. The Dashboard logs you into your Sponsor Center automatically, so there is no need to remember yet another password. No computer skills are necessary to use the Dashboard.

The Dashboard currently includes the following configurable data, all of which is accessible in further detail with just one click from the Dashboard:

  • Dashboard Masthead. The drop-down menu at the top of the application allows you to access any of your accounts, which are identified by account number and masthead.
  • News and Notes shows you any upgrades or notices from BizActions that are also available on the home page of your Sponsor Center.
  • Reminders show you any Contact Notes you have made in the system with your comments, required action, date and more. For each member in your database, you are able to add notes and set Reminders by time and date. You have the choice of being reminded by email, by Dashboard or both. Using the Reminder system is a powerful way to enhance lead generation. For example, perhaps your important prospect, Jim Smith, read an article and you called him. He asked you to call him back on January 11th. That reminder will appear in your Dashboard and one click would open that Contact Note pertaining to Jim so you may edit it or take further action.
  • Members by Type breaks down your database of email newsletter recipients into categories you have designated, such as Clients, Prospects, Referrals and Team Members.
  • Members by POC (Point of Contact) tells you how many members in your database have been assigned to each POC you have designated. See Master Accounts.
  • Member Clicks gives you access to detailed information on click activity by member type. This shows you which member type (prospects, clients, referral sources and team members) are the most engaged in your content and gives you a snapshot of your overall engagement.
  • Sponsor Content Clicks shows you which custom articles that you added to your newsletter are drawing the most interest. One-click access gives you expanded details on that click activity, including the date and time an article was read, who it was read by, etc.
  • Content Clicks shows you which BizActions-produced articles (timely opportunities, standard and niche content) have garnered the most attention. Just click through from the Dashboard to access a wealth of useful information that can be filtered even further.
  • Sponsor Alerts tells you who clicked on a triggering event and when. You may set up alerts to notify you by email when a particular event occurs. Alerts can be configured to be sent out immediately, nightly or weekly so that you may follow up on leads when they are still hot. Alerts can be set on any particular content or for any particular member of your database. For example, if you set a general “click activity” Alert for your important prospect, Jim Smith, you will be notified when Jim clicks on anything in your newsletter.You control how and which alerts are set up – by individual member, by group, by company, by particular content click activity, etc.
  • Email Radar Opens and Sents gives you a snapshot of your email radar blasts, as well as one-click access to a variety of reporting that is specific to your email radar campaigns, separate from your email newsletter metrics.


Dennis M. Echelbarger, CPA, Echelbarger, Himebaugh, Tamm & Co., P.C. (EHT&Co)Use of BizActions has been one of the best marketing tools we have found. We are able to gauge its reception based on the drill down reporting we track, and by the comments we receive. It is the best way we have found to have weekly contact with those who we feel are important to our continued success. We regularly add items to those made available, and the variety seems to keep people watching for the next issue!” - Dennis M. Echelbarger, CPA, Echelbarger, Himebaugh, Tamm & Co., P.C. (EHT&Co), BDO Seidman Alliance Member