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Reporting Metrics

Email Marketing Reporting Metrics

An Integrated Audit Trail Provides Prospecting Opportunities

One of the greatest advantages of using an email newsletter is getting reports that tell you who read which articles, so you know which of your services your readers (prospects, clients and referral sources) are currently interested in learning more about.

BizActions’ reports provide all the data you need:

  • View real-time usage stats: measure open rates, click-through rates, pages forwarded, etc.
  • Consolidated usage reports by individual member – see an entire year’s worth of readership activity for any particular contact in your database
  • Obtain a list of members that read a particular article, announcement, or clicked on a banner
  • Build new, more targeted lists based on subscriber behavior
  • Individual reports for banners, announcements, articles, and Timely Opportunities

BizActions reports provide an audit trail of what your members and prospects are reading, giving you the ability to offer proactive solutions that will increase loyalty, provide new revenue streams, and expand business. With our Desktop Metrics Dashboard, you can even monitor the impact your newsletters are having with immediate, nightly or weekly click activity alerts and reports easily accessed from your computer desktop.

BizActions takes the email newsletter marketing strategy a step beyond the ordinary static delivery method. By including Email Radar, a dynamic on-demand email tool, we make it easy for you to data-mine client and prospect information from your newsletter reports and then quickly respond with unique messaging for each group you identify.



Using BizActions’ dashboard and reporting metrics has been a great source for lead generation for each of our team members. As part of our business development efforts, we use a fairly formal pipeline process to track and pursue prospects that are clicking and reading our e-newsletters. In addition, we provide these reports on a regular basis to the team members, and encourage them to follow up. The value of BizActions as a business development tool has been tremendous for HBK. - Michael Gallagher — Hill, Barth & King LLC (HBK), BDO Seidman Alliance Member