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Our email newsletters for CPAs and other professional service providers deliver the flexibility, content, ease-of-use, trackability and ROI to make email newsletters the most productive tool in a professional service firm’s expansion and retention plans. The email newsletters sent out from the BizActions Email Platform are the communication and marketing lifelines that drive the success of thousands of professional service providers, including CPA firms in the U.S., Canada and Australia, payroll service bureaus, PEOs, banks, credit unions, law firms, financial planners and entrepreneurs.

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The most effective email newsletters include articles on subjects that are relevant and helpful to your clients and prospects, many of whom are business owners. BizActions provides professional service firms the easiest method of newsletter creation and delivery with ready-stocked content designed specifically for your markets.

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Click on any of the images below to view real sample email newsletters for CPAs, law firms, payroll service bureaus, banks or credit unions.

McGladrey Certified Public Accountants Sample NewsletterBank of Wisconsin Dells Sample Email Newsletter

Swindoll Janzen Hawk & Loyd CPAs Sample Newsletter

Kerkering Barberio Certified Public Accountants Sample Newsletter

Weiss & Company Sample CPA Email Newsletter

HBE Becker Meyer Love Sample CPA Email Newsletter

Rea & Associates Sample CPA Email Newsletter

SDP Southland Data Processing Payroll Sample Email Newsletter

Foothill Credit Union Sample Email Newsletter

Goralka Law Firm Sample BizActions Legal Email Newsletter

Bank Cherokee Sample Bank Email Newsletter

Lindquist Sample CPA Email Newsletter



Jeff Baer, CPA, Baer & EdingtonWhen one of our clients went with another CPA firm in 2009, I put them on our e-newsletter distribution list and used that to stay in contact. Recently, I called my contact to touch base, was able to get a meeting right away and re-engaged the lost client. My contact said that he had kept up with the people and events at the firm by reading every issue of our e-newsletter, which impressed him. He told me that he took the meeting because of our e-newsletter. About 70% of our growth in 2011 can be attributed to this one client, and our email newsletter was a significant influence on obtaining the business.” - Jeffrey Baer, CPA, CEO — Baer & Edington LLC


Additional Print, Web and Email Newsletter Options from PDI Global

Niche Marketing Newsletters from PDI GlobalOur PDI Global brand offers award-winning online, email and print client newsletter programs for CPAs and consultants, lawyers and financial service providers give you additional options for client newsletter communications.

Our award-winning client newsletter programs for CPAs, consultants, lawyers and financial service providers feature:

  • Online / email and print formats that enable you to maximize reach, flexibility, impact and cost-effectiveness
  • Professionally written, tech-reviewed articles on tax, accounting, business, law and financial topics that position you as an expert on the subjects discussed
  • Image-enhancing designs you can brand with your logo and personalize with other imagery and information
  • Free access to a library of articles you can download and edit as you like to post on your website, email to clients or use in other communications
  • National Editorial Board you can join to shape content and boost your credentials