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Election years, in particular, create a significant amount of uncertainty when it comes to tax laws and legislation*, but every year there is the usual tinkering with deductions, credits, eligibility rules, exceptions as well as the sun-setting provisions in the Internal Revenue Code, annual inflation adjustments, new federal regulations, IRS guidance and relevant court cases. Imagine having the ability to provide your clients, prospects and referral sources with a tax resource that is updated and current — evolving as new laws, regulations and IRS guidance changes take effect.

There is a cost-effective and efficient way for you to provide up-to-the-minute information about new laws that affect tax brackets, capital gains, dividend taxes, estate taxes or a myriad of other issues: our Online Tax Guide.

Online Tax Guide Highlights
  • View Sample Custom-Branded Online Tax Guides from BizActions

    Automatically updated articles, tips and strategies to help clients keep more of their hard-earned money in today’s tough economy

  • Quality content that can be easily shared on your social media platforms
  • Several categories of essential tax planning and tax strategy information, including Tax Planning Basics, Investing, Real Estate, Businesses & Executive Compensation, Charitable Giving, Retirement, and Estate Planning
  • User-friendly Q&A section with frequently asked questions, written in layman’s terms rather than complicated tax jargon
  • View Custom Branded Online Tax Guide SamplesUseful charts and calendars, including comparative deduction and exemption limits, and a Tax Calendar with important filing deadlines
  • Easily customizable format that allows you to showcase your firm’s branding, relevant practice area content, images, contact information, newsletter sign-up form, call to action and more
  • Attractive buttons and banners you can use on your website and in your newsletter to link to and promote the Online Tax Guide

*We customize the content on our Online Tax Guides for use in either the United States and Canada, depending on your firm’s needs and location. View our Chartered Accountant Marketing Solutions, including our Canadian Tax Guide.

Looking for an Estate Planning Guide?

We have one of those, too! Check out our Online Estate Planning Guide.



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Additional Tax Guide Options

PDI_Tax_Guide_200x259Through our PDI Global brand, we are pleased to offer even more tax guide options for you and your business. Our Tax Guide Solutions are perfect for showcasing thought leadership, differentiating your firm from competitors and encouraging contact from prospects and clients.

The Print Tax Guide from PDI Global is available in two formats: one is designed specifically for high-net-worth individuals and the other is appropriate for general taxpayers. We also offer an Email Tax Guide.

Why would you need a combination of online, email and print Tax Guides? Read this brief blog post to find out.