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Why BizActions

Why use BizActions’ marketing solutions for
professional service providers?

We understand your pain and can mitigate
your business development and lead generation challenges

BizActions recognizes and understands the marketing and communication challenges that professional service providers face. Whether you are an accounting firm, law firm, payroll service bureau, bank, credit union, financial planner or professional employer organization, we can help. We’ve worked with thousands of professional service firms like yours and have adapted and grown our technology, content, strategies and solutions over the past ten years to make marketing and communication efforts even more successful for your type of business. Our clients tell us what they need, and we listen. Our platform was initially designed by CPAs for CPAs and we have since expanded our service offerings to others in professional services who share the same struggles with lead generation, prospecting, cross-selling and overall business development and growth.

If you can relate to any of these pain points expressed by others in your industry, we should talk.

We need a cost-effective way to market our firm with trackable results.”

Dollar for dollar, there is no more cost-effective means of promoting your business than electronically. With BizActions’ email newsletters, you get immediate feedback. You can easily access real-time reports that show who is reading, how long they are reading and what they are reading. Those statistics allow you to track and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing investment, down to the impact of each and every article delivered, and make changes as needed to meet your audience’s needs, increase your return on investment and build long-term business relationships.

Our prospects need to be educated on the value of all of our services.”

Professional service providers frequently face the challenge of positioning their organizations as knowledgeable about areas that fall outside their primary service offerings. The informational soft-sell approach of an e-newsletter filled with valuable business-related content, combined with your branding and online resources help you educate your prospects and clients about the value-added services you offer, reach untapped markets, and position your firm as a trusted go-to resource. All of our articles are educational and informative in nature, written professionally in layman’s terms, and designed to help your clients succeed in all areas of their professional and personal lives – all of which helps your firm’s reputation and status, while informing prospects and clients about the value of  your expertise.

We focus on specific service areas for different contacts.”

Personalized and relevant content is critical, yet marketing resources are frequently too limited to provide the information each of your prospects and clients would appreciate most. BizActions can be configured to send different articles about your services to different people based on multiple target markets from one account. This means each newsletter will contain content that is relevant to that vertical segment. Unlike standard email newsletter platforms, only a BizActions Master Account allows the addition of sub-accounts that are each easily configurable to send different information to different groups within your database – all from one login.

We don’t have time to write articles for email newsletters.”

Researching and writing email newsletter articles is a time-consuming process. That’s why BizActions supplies 80 to 90% of the articles you need to populate an email newsletter. Our articles are targeted to C-level business executives and cover topics that include improving profitability, saving taxes, managing people, and increasing sales. You only need to add custom articles and announcements when you have time or it’s appropriate to do so. We’ll provide the content that confirms your firm’s depth and breadth of knowledge, while you focus on the content that you are already intimately familiar with, such as your service specifics, your people and your organization.

We need to cross-sell and up-sell our full service line.”

Your clients probably don’t know everything you have to offer. BizActions is the perfect tool to educate customers, prospects and referral sources on your full line of services, including specialized enhancements and value-added services that can boost your bottom line significantly. Your staff may be aware of everything your firm does, but the sad truth is that unless your office is well above the norm, they may not be promoting these profitable services as often or as effectively as timely industry- or niche-specific e-newsletters will. Cross-selling your value-added services via your email newsletter can be infinitely easier than forcing everyone in your office to sit through training refresher classes and follow checklists every time they speak with a client.

We need to generate traffic to our website.”

We have multiple solutions to help you drive more visitors to your website and enhance your lead generation efforts. Our email newsletters automatically include multiple back-links to your website, along with social media links and integration. We give you banners, calls to action and social media tips that help you push prospects to your website, blog, and directly to you. Your BizActions e-newsletter is customized with your branded masthead, logo, contact information, color scheme and URL links back to pages on your website or to specific Point of Contact (POC) email addresses. It can contain content uniquely your own, along with exceptional, professionally-written content relevant to your business and your recipients’ interest. Your clients, prospects and referral sources will have direct access to your website on a frequent, consistent basis. No longer will you have to wait for someone to use their search engine or remember to bookmark and visit your website.

We lack sufficient client and prospect e-mail addresses.”

You already know that sales is a numbers game. One of the greatest challenges facing any business is how to build a larger pipeline of contacts and leads. The real key to list-building isn’t the number of names you add, but the quality of the names going on the list – and that they have opted in as subscribers to your list. Learn more about how to Grow Your Email Marketing List.