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Another New Category of Timely Niche Articles!

We have added yet another new category of Timely Niche Articles! Our latest category is about estate planning. For example, a recent Timely Estate Planning Niche Article discussed a new US Tax Court case:

When filing an estate tax return, it’s critical to comply with various deadlines and meet certain requirements. Failing to pay attention to all the details could result in a higher tax bill. In one new U.S. Tax Court case, an estate was denied the ability to pay taxes in installments over many years — rather than all at once — because it didn’t follow all the requirements. This article explains the case, as well as the election that might be available to estates with closely held business interests.

Each month, we publish Timely Niche Articles in the following content categories:

  • Estate Planning
  • Business Valuation
  • Construction
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Not-for Profit
  • Payroll

These articles cover timely strategies, new court cases, recently released reports and other up-to-the-minute topics… exactly the kind of valuable content that your clients and prospects want – and the kind of content that will help you showcase thought leadership and grow your niche practice areas. Contact your Sales Rep for details today! Call us at 866.240.8477.


Version 4, Release 1 is here!

What’s new in v4.1?

Sponsor Content Management, Banners and Image Management features

  • More easily navigate available templated banners
  • Manage, organize, view, categorize and schedule your content all from one consolidated screen
  • Manage, organize, view and categorize all of your images from one consolidated screen

Upload Tool and Member Management

  • Upload csv or Excel files with custom headers and map them to match the built-in and customized fields in your database and process uploads in real-time,
  • View, search, filter, manage, add and update your BizActions contacts from one screen

Welcome Messages

  • Easily configure your welcome letters to launch immediately whenever someone is added to the database, during the next scheduled launch, or not at all

Launch Settings and Preview Options

  • Set multiple POC account schedules at the same time
  • Set your newsletter to launch only once
  • Schedule monthly launches on an actual day (such as “first Tuesday of the month”)
  • Preview BizActions content in upcoming newsletters

Email Radar Grouping

  • Create email radar groups quickly and efficiently with a more intuitive interface
  • Create new email radar groups with the enhanced upload tool
  • Create separate groups that only receive email radars but not the newsletter

Timely Opportunity Subject Line and Social Media Icons

  • Automatically populate your subject line with the current week’s Timely Opportunity article
  • Social media icons will now be displayed on the front of the newsletter

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your dedicated Customer Support Rep at any time.